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Saturday, 28-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
Tortured by Tyson

This appears to be a one-legger mutilated in the killing machine
Same thing - mutilated thigh
And another
A bit worse - this one lost a chunk of thigh
This one had her breast sliced by the machine
And her breast was completely mutilated by the machine
Killer decapitating a chicken
This poor decapitated hen is standing among scattered heads
You may have read about this in other places by now, but in case you haven't here is a brief description to go along with the photos I am posting today. This information came from a new site, properly named, "Tortured by Tyson."

From December 2004 through February 2005, a PETA undercover investigator worked on the slaughter line of a Tyson Foods chicken processing plant in Heflin, Alabama. Using a hidden camera, he documented the treatment of the more than 100,000 chickens killed every day in the plant. Anyone would be horrified by what he saw: live birds who had their heads torn off by hand because workers couldn't be bothered to kill them by slitting their throats; birds who had their bodies mutilated by throat-cutting machines that didn't work properly, including one bird who had the skin torn entirely off her chest; workers who threw chickens around and were cruel to them just for fun; and chickens who went through the "scald bath" (a tank of scalding-hot water used to remove their feathers) while still conscious and able to feel pain. Watch the video and see for yourself the agony of these animals' last moments.

Animal-welfare experts agree that this sort of treatment is unacceptable. Dr. Temple Grandin of Colorado State University wrote, "This is a total FAILURE on animal welfare," and Dr. Mohan Raj of the University of Bristol wrote that "due to the lack of appropriate legislation to protect the welfare of birds at slaughter people seem to get away with [these] cruel and unethical practices." Indeed, chickens are not afforded any protection under any federal animal welfare legislation. The Humane Methods of Slaughter Act leaves chickens and turkeys out entirely. Read statements from these and other animal welfare experts.

As hard as it is to stomach, this sort of treatment is entirely too common in modern chicken slaughterhouses. Previous undercover investigations have turned up injured and dying birds left unattended during workers' lunch breaks and workers who ripped animals limb from limb, threw live chickens against walls, and stomped up and down on them on the ground.

Sadly, all these abuses were entirely preventable. In 2003, PETA first contacted Tyson about a new chicken slaughter technology known as controlled-atmosphere killing (CAK), a process that replaces oxygen in the air with an inert gas such as nitrogen—which already makes up 78 percent of the air we breathe—masking the lack of oxygen and putting the birds to sleep quickly and painlessly. CAK would have eliminated all the cruelty that took place in all these investigations, from mutilation by the cutting machine to live scalding, because the birds would have been killed much earlier in the slaughter process and would not have been handled by the workers until they were dead.

You can help. Please ask Tyson to adopt CAK immediately:
John Tyson, Chair and CEO
Tyson Foods, Inc.
2210 W. Oaklawn Dr.
Springdale, AR 72762-6999
479-290-4061 (fax)

And just because their spokesman has been an arrogant pain in the butt since I came forward, infiltrating my group with the userid ederdn2 and being generally arrogant and insulting, as well as spreading lies abut me and events that happen at Tyson (just how any nights has he really stood there on that kill floor I want to know? Hmmm????? Has he even gotten one drop of blood on him, much less pulled clots of it out of his eyes like I did? I don't think so!) I think we should all include him in this campaign to show Tyson that even those who don't eat meat do not want the animals to be tortured first. So, you can also send a copy to ol' Ed Nicholson, Tyson's public relations manager, at 479-290-4591 and/or through his email at

You can also sign a petition started by a group member at

These photos, although quite graphic, are representative of what happens every single second of every single minute of every single hour of every single day in those hellholes we call slaughterhouses. I saw this regularly and have described it quite a bit in my writings and in my talks. And the only reason these poor birds suffer this way is so that people like the Tyson family can line their pockets and enrich themselves above and beyond what would be considered reasonable, even by the SEC,
who decided that the perks Don Tyson received were striking even in an era of lavish executive compensation.

They included $464,132 for personal use by him and his family and friends of company-owned homes in the English countryside and Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, $20,000 for oriental rugs, $18,000 of antiques, $84,000 in lawn maintenance at five homes where he and his family and friends lived, an $8,000 horse, and other jewelry, artwork, vacations and theater tickets. The company also paid Mr. Tyson $1.1 million to cover his personal income-tax liability associated with all these benefits.

The Arkansas magnate, who received $1.1 million in additional perks, some of which were improperly or not disclosed after he retired in 2001, had the company pick up the tab for numerous services used by his wife, daughters and three girlfriends, according to people familiar with the matter. While senior chairman, Mr. Tyson spent $46,110 to maintain nine automobiles, $15,000 on Christmas gift certificates and $203,675 on housekeeping services at five homes owned by Mr. Tyson, his family and three friends "with whom he had close personal relationships," the SEC said.

Don't tell me that they can't afford to implement CAK!

Look at these photos, along with the others I have posted before and tell me that if they wanted to do better then they could. These poor hens are considered an acceptable level of collateral damage. To me though, they are innocent sentient individuals who feel pain, fear, and suffering the same as we do. They certainly deserve better than this!

You will be hearing more on this. That's a promise. I haven't even written the blog post to go with this yet, though I did post about it in both of my Activist Against Factory Farming Groups.

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