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By: Virgil Butler

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Friday, 21-May-2004 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
My Military Records

The folder containing records
My ASVAB scores
A pay voucher
A processing sheet
Certified Medical Letter
Now, here they are for everyone to see - finally! If you haven't yet read the blog entry that goes with them, then I recommend that you do that so that you have a better understanding of why these are here and what is going on. This is not about bragging or anything, just setting the record straight.

The titles under the pictures should be fairly self-explanatory, but I can expand a little on this, in case you don't understand what you are looking at.

The green folder is obviously just the folder all the records were found in.

My ASVAB scores are the scores from the test you take before you say your oath, and they are necessary to determine what you are most likely to be good at and affects your enlistment bonus. (At least it did when I went in.) Yo have to make a certain score on these to even join up.

The pay voucher is just what it sounds like. You get these for travel expenses and things like that.

The processing sheet was just another piece of correspondence that I got while I was in there. The only reason I posted this one was because it clearly shows the 1989 date on it.

The DD214 is what you receive when you are discharged. It is your official separation paper and it the most useful part of our records when trying to get benefits or get an ID to go to a PX, a VA hospital, or enter a base. This, along with the entry and exit dates are also necessary to order copies of your records. This is why this document is so heavily sanitized. We would not want terrorists or anyone else to be able to duplicate it and use it for malicious purposes, now would we?

And, for a little bonus, I thought that I would just add the certified letter I got from the hospital that clearly proves that I was under a doctor's care at the time Tyson claims to have fired me. This proves that I was indeed very sick with something pretty serious at that time.

(And, yes, I do have higher resolution photos, but I have a slow dial-up connection and used the smaller version. If you really, absolutely need to see the bigger version of something, let me know and I will try to send them. I will do my best, but usually big files don't make it across the connection, and I have to give up.)

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