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Wednesday, 18-Feb-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Our rescued babies

Bad gash from cage door
Butt injury
Another bad gash
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These are the poor babies that were rescued after falling from a truck. The gashes on them are consistent with what I have seen other chickens suffer after having been shut in the door of the cage as they were loaded into on the truck. We are attempting to save these poor babies and give them a better life here with us. If you have found this page without reading the post at my Yahoo group, then you may learn more by reading there. I have a post on the blog also.

If you are able and would like to make a donation to help with the vet bills for these babies, there is a PayPal button on the blog for that purpose. The babies and I would thank you very much for your caring concern and generosity. They also need your positive thoughts, healing energy, and prayers for their speedy recovery. As you can see, their injuries are pretty bad.

We will do everything in our power to help these babies live a long and happy life here, where they never need to worry about being treated cruelly again. We have named them Hope and Faith. Hope - for the hope that they will pull through and recover fully
Faith - for the faith we have that enough people will care enough to help these babies and not condone this sort of cruelty by buying and consuming chickens, especially those that Tyson sells.

Babies like these suffer and die every day. Only you can decide whether you support this sort of cruelty or not. We have hope and faith that you will not. This didn't have to happen. It is all so unnecessary with all the vegetarian/vegan options that there are today.

UPDATE: We just back back from taking Faith to the vet. If you read the post on the blog, then you already know that Hope didn't make it. Anyway, the vet gave Faith a shot of penicillin that was enough to hold her for a couple of days. She looked her over good and found infection, which we already knew about, of course. She also gave us some stuff to clean her wounds out with. If she makes it over the next couple of days, then we will take her back to see about another shot or whatever else may be needed. Mostly, now it will come down to her will to live and our ability to care for her. We have done about all we can do for her at this point, besides just nursing-type care. Hopefully she will pull through. We are doing our best.

2nd UPDATEFaith just died, too. I wrote about what the vet said at the group before she died, but not yet on the blog. In fact, I was in the middle of making the latest update at the group when Faith breathed her last. Laura was typing it for me, ad I had my hand on her, so she did not die alone and unloved. It was peaceful. She just went to sleep. I will get the blog updated with this information soon, too. Right now I need to go dig a grave. Thanks everyone for your concern and support through this terrible ordeal. I am sure that the babies would thank you, too, if they could.
At least they are not suffering anymore.

Now, we just have to continue to try to help the rest of the babies that are just like them. There are billions of them every year. It is so unnecessary! This does NOT have to happen! Don't condone such cruelty when you make your choices at the store. Please. Go veg*n. Do it for Hope and Faith - and the billions of others just like them. Do it for yourself. You will be glad you did. We are.

Monday, 26-Jan-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The brothers that need a home

Aren't we cute?
We want out of this pen and into your home!
As promised on the blog, here are the puppies. They were born Feb 3rd or 4th from a German Shepherd mother and a (mostly) Newfoundland father. We do want to keep these brothers together. They are excellent watchdogs and very loving and healthy, as are all of the animals here. The parents, of course, are here on the place, too, and pics of them can also be provided if anyone is interested. And, we still have the dog that someone dumped. He still needs a home very bad, also. He is a real sweetie.

Thursday, 22-Jan-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Our newest guest

Our guest
With his ears up
UPDATE: This little guy went to a new home now. Yesterday (7/13/04) he went to some people who will give him a loving home. Laura's mother knows these people, and they have taken in rescues before. We were so happy to find somewhere for him to go!

This poor little dog was apparently dumped out here on our road (or down at the river). This happens rather frequently where we live, unfortunately. We have saved quite a few animals just like him. Of course, we always take in whatever animal shows up, needing food, shelter, and love. This little guy was no different. He looks like he was probably tied up at one time, as the hair around his neck was burned off a bit (not down to the skin, but close). It just looked kind of like a rope burn. He had no collar on, either, of course. That's always a bad sign when we find an animal. A very bad sign. It usually means that someone dumped them. That's so cruel.

If anyone would like to give this little guy a forever home, he would love to have one. He has been here since the end of last week. Although we put a sign up showing him as "found," no one has showed up to claim him. We didn't really think they would, but we always try. Anyway, we can't keep him, but will care for him until we find someone who can give him the forever home he deserves. If you want him, and live out-of-state, we can probably set up a chain of people to help transport him across the country to you. This happens a lot for rescued animals. Thank goodness for all the caring people out there!

He is a very sweet dog, and has presented no real problems of any kind. He did climb over and out of the pen we put him in the first day he showed up because the fencing was so low (designed for puppies - not grown dogs), but we fixed that. We had to. There is a big male Newfoundland on the place that will kill him, if he gets the chance. He attacked the poor little guy the day he showed up, but luckily we were able to get them apart and save the little guy. He has apparently forgotten that we picked him up out of that same road and brought him home when someone dumped him as a puppy! He should be a little nicer to our guests, but he just sees them as a threat, especially the male ones.

How can people do this to an animal? How can they just dump them somewhere on their own?

This dog was obviously loved by someone at some time, because his disposition is too good for it to have been otherwise. He doesn't shrink from your hands when you go to pet him. When he is really happy, he wags his tail so hard that his whole butt wags back and forth, too. He just gets so excited when he gets love! And he has displayed an ability to do tricks, so someone trained him, at least a little bit. He deserves to be somewhere where he can be given the type of life he can't get here. We just can't give him all the attention that a forever home can. Can you???

Saturday, 6-Dec-2003 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
I had to share this

Lady and Sly
This picture was so sweet with Sly's arm draped over Lady. Sly is a funny little kitty. He is a rescued stray that we got as a kitten when we noticed him following us down the highway one day. He has always loved cuddling up to the dogs. At first, they weren't too happy about it (and they are still not real crazy about the idea), but they will usually let him do it. Although he is a little guy (we think his growth may have been stunted by being homeless when he was a baby), he is the most successful "hunter" we have out here. He has gotten many a mouse (and whatever else he could catch). It is especially sad when he gets the baby birds. But, that is Nature, I guess. Anyway, just had to share the cute pic with you.

Monday, 1-Dec-2003 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
We got more lumber sawed up

The logs from the big pines
Our sawmill guy
The sawmill itself in action
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Well, we had some more dead trees made into lumber for the cabin. The biggest one that you see in the picture that we are sitting on was 24" across, 16' long, and 5' 6" around at the base. We had one that was a little bit bigger, at 26" across and 5' 10" around. We hated to lose these trees, but we were glad for the lumber. These were killed by pine beetles, as opposed to the others we used that came down in the ice storm. We are currently trying to clean up all the dead pine brush that is still everywhere from the ice storm that serves at their breeding grounds. Apparently, these destructive beetles nest in the downed limbs and other dead wood over the winter, laying their eggs before they die. When the new beetles emerge in the spring, they feed on the layer between the bark and the tree, thus killing the tree because the bark then just falls off. From there, they continue to spread to any other pines in contact with the dead one. They progress in this way until you lose every pine on your place.

We lost seven trees this year to these beetles. This comes in addition to the ones lost in the ice storm and the seven we lost to pine beetles several years ago when they got so bad in this area. We have wondered how many of the trees we lost in the ice storm might have been already weakened by the beetles when they came down. We will never know for sure, but we are sure of the fact that if we don't get this dead stuff cleaned up and burned, we are likely to lose the rest of these big pines we have left. This we cannot bear to have happen, of course, so we have been burning brush for almost 2 weeks straight, with only a couple of days lost due to rain. Our goal is to have every stick of dead pine on this place burned before spring.

This is, of course, in addition to the work we have of building our cabin. We are shooting very hard to be dried in by Christmas so that we can at least camp out in it and get out of this little camper trailer. Then we can work on the inside through any kind of weather through the winter as well as burning up the brush that is so threatening to our remaining trees. We will take in the tops of the trees that were too small for sawing into lumber, yet still larger than brush, into the mill to be sold for chipwood. This doesn't bring us much money, but it helps (especially since I have still been unable to get work).

We will continue to keep you updated on our progress. Wish us luck!

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