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Friday, 2-Jun-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

He loves kisses! :)
He loves kisses and hugs a LOT!
Isn't he sweet? Laura's mother got these of him. We really loved the ones of him kissing Laura's sister. He really is a very sweet dog. It always makes you wonder why when they show up this way...

Anyway, he is regaining his weight so that he isn't just a bag of bones like he was when he showed up.

We'll see about getting some more pics up soon.

Thursday, 1-Jun-2006 06:03 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The Great "Buttshot Day"

Laura rolling out the tarpaper
The hands and knees pose just for me!
And - the buttshot!
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Yep - they were found! Enjoy! We had a fun time, but then you tend to do that when you are doing something like that that has to be done, but insn't much fun. You make it fun! These aren't all of them. Seems that Laura's Mom really just sent the ones of Laura and not her own butt, much less anyone else's. Anyone sense a plot here? She does know that we put everything online....

That's okay. Laura can work her computer if necessary...

This series will go on.. There are buttshots of everyone.

Everyone except me. At least for now. Laura is sneaky...

Friday, 5-May-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
The latest pictures taken

view of the house from the driveway
back of the house facing the woods
side view facing Laura's mother's
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Now, I remember the date that these were taken, so the date on these isn't the date they were sent to me, but the actual date that they were taken this time. We took these the day after Laura's daughter got here for her visit and we took her shopping for the decor for her room. They came out a bit dark in her room (especially since there wasn't much light in there at the time and we hadn't cleaned up the wood yet, either, so it still is discolored and not as pretty as the new wood is or as it will be when finished), and since Laura wasn't up there to edit the pictures themselves to correct for this before they were sent, this is the way they came to us.

In fact, after going through all of this to post these pictures - having the wrong dates, having days combined, and even having whole batches of pictures not ever sent to us at all (like the "Buttshot Day" photos taken the day we all were putting on the roof), has now convinced Laura that we will indeed be buying our own still camera so that we can take our own pictures and post them when we want to instead of when her mother gets around to sending them to us (if she ever does, that is). Not that we don't appreciate her allowing us to borrow her camera - we do very much, and this page wouldn't even exist without her, but it is time for us to have our own. We thought we had that covered when we bought the video camera, but it will be much easier just to get a still camera with the editing software like hers has, especially since our video camera doesn't hook up to the computer and requires a complicated workaround and disks we can't even find to buy.

Why does everything have to be so complicated?

Friday, 14-Apr-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Next updated house pics

the fiberboard up on exterior
floor joists of our bedroom loft and first 2 walls of it
Arron and TC working in the living room
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Again, my comments were on the April 2 post, so there isn't much else to say here this time either, except here is the next set that was sent to us on the 14th (but I can tell you that this set covers more than one day. I can also tell you that these are out of order because, for some reason, this site keeps droppping photos. This is the third trime I have tried to load this entry.

Thursday, 6-Apr-2006 12:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Next set of house-building photos

New flooring down and last interior wall built
TC putting on the top plate
Well, my comments were on the April 2 post, so there isn't much else to say here, except here is the next set that was sent to us on the 6th.

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